Zanzone E-Sport Club East 505 Highway 7, Thornhill, Ontario L3T 7T1
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Zanzone E-Sport Club
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Phone : 6472331601
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Zanzone e-sport club offers services including computer renting, foods and drinks, lounge café and VIP private room. At Zanzone e-sport club, we focus on giving the best services to e-sport game lovers. Dude to a high popularity of the competitive e-sport games, players would like to sit side by side in order to perform the best team work and instant decision making. Most of the games also require very high-end professional gaming desktop, mouse and mechanic keyboard that are very costly and people usually do not have them at home. One of the services we offer here is computer renting, a fixed hourly rate is set and we are getting paid based on hours played.

We also have very big space for lounge café where customers can relax sitting on the couch and order some foods and drinks. Many board games are placed on one side of a wall; customers are free to pick more than one game to play with friends. On our foods and drinks menu, we offer many different kinds of bubble teas, soft drinks, chicken wings and snacks (chips, candy etc.).

In our store, we also offer 5-man VIP room. If customers would like to have some private space, they can always choose our VIP room. We offer massage armchair, couches and even better computers. Instead of going to lounge café, customers are able to call services inside the room and have everything ordered for them.

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